First Impressions Unbroken

First Impression – Unbroken


When I heard about a cube pushing (I like cube pushing) resource management, card driven, dungeon crawling, survival, solo-only game, I was in. I backed it and forgot about it. The controversy from Golden Bell studios leaked into my feeds at BGG, Reddit and social media. I won’t get into that again, but I really hope Artem will choose a different publisher for his expansions going forward.


The game consists of a few phases, the first being a list of actions that you are free to do if you have the right resources. I enjoy not having action limits here. If you have enough resources, do as much as you want. If you aren’t at zero health or time you may continue to an encounter phase.

During the encounter phase you choose one of two encounter cards. These cards cost time, but usually have you trading (cube pushing) one resource for another. Again, if you aren’t at zero health or out of time you circle back around to the previous phase.

Double Layered boards help with the cube pushing

Continue in the action cycle until you are equipped enough to face a boss, or if you push your luck and run out of time. If time is up and zero time remains, the boss ambushes you and adds negative effects for the fight or the next phase.

Select the boss you are about to fight by rolling the die pictured above. You read the text on the boss card and apply any conditions needed. If you are playing on the normal difficulty, you may attack first. Your weapon instructs you what is needed to spend in order to attack. Hopefully you have prepared. After your attack, roll the die and apply the corresponding boss attack, looking at their monster sheet.

If you defeat the monster, it is time to eat. Hopefully you brought food! If you are unable to eat you take damage. You can also be defeated this way. If all goes well and you are alive, start the previous phase again. This time you will be facing a stronger level two boss. Repeat this until you successfully defeat the level 4  final boss and eat. If you do this, you win.

Final Thoughts

Unbroken is a fast set up that plays quick and is streamlined. The production is fine, but a little lacking after unboxing Villagers. I do enjoy the double layer resource and monster boards. It helps you push those cubes in style without knocking everything everything out of place ( *glares at Terraforming Mars). I’ve sat down with it one time and managed to play it three times on one hour.

I’ll cut to the chase. I haven’t beaten it yet. It left me wondering what I could have done better. There is a lot of room for improvement on my part and I love games that keep me thinking after I put them away. I’ll be looking to refine my strategy and finally beat that last boss and become unbroken.

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