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Too Many Diverse Modules

In Too Many Bones you choose a gearloc (hero) and a Tyrant (boss), assemble the encounter deck and head out on your journey. The bulk of the game consists of strategic, arena-like combat on a 4×4 (ish) neoprene mat. You can choose to control one gearloc, or up to 4. Each gearloc plays extremely different. Want to be a bard that plays metal or Emo songs to hurt herself and everyone else? An engineer that builds robots to do the fighting for him? A ranged damage powerhouse?

Whatever your preferred playstyle is, there is probably a gearloc for you. There are also multiple ways to build each gearloc, with different skill trees. As you progress in your adventure, you gain skill points and loot to build your gearloc different ways. Each tyrant provides new rules, playstyles and abilities to the game as well. Set up and tear down of the game is minimal (the trove chest really helps!) and plays anywhere from 45 mins- 2 hours depending on the tyrant you choose and the number of gearlocs you are controlling. Seen below are only some of the gearlocs and tyrants you can choose from for each game.

Too Many Unique Skills

My favorite aspect of TMB is how dynamic the skill tree and dice are. You almost feel as if you are playing a completely different character based on your skill tree paths. For example, Stanza is a support character at heart, BUT you can build her to deal crazy melee damage with poisons, armor piercing and multi-target cleaves. You can also juggle her songs in a separate mini game that give various buffs and de-buffs like extra health, mind control and decreased enemy damage. Each gearloc also has different skills they can perform when they receive enough bones. Even when a gearloc rolls “poorly” they receive bones to save for later to spend on special skills, hence the name Too Many Bones. Some skills however are very strong and the only way for specific gearlocs to heal or do a ranged attack, causing you to WANT bones. It’s a very smart system that makes each roll exciting.

Too Many Fun Dice

Dice are a huge part of Too Many Bones. They serve so many purposes, sometimes you chuck a handful across the table, sometimes they are used as counters and sometimes they are used as a mini dexterity game in certain encounters. Some dice go in an active position, giving ongoing effects, sometimes they are placed directly on enemies, or companions, giving them extra health. Dice can be placed on your gearloc representing different things, or spent as bones as mentioned previously. It’s always interesting watching your dice come alive on the playing field in different ways.

Too Many Solo Adventures

Chip Theory Games has the solo gamer in mind while developing all of their games. This alone is great, but Chip Theory Games has something special here for the solo gamer. Zero rules are changed if you play one gearloc or 4 ( something I now look for in a game before I buy it.) There are special solo encounter cards for when you play one gearloc. These are narrative driven cards with rewards, that you will never see UNLESS you play one gearloc solo. I wish more companies developed games while thinking about how the central game can be played solo. I don’t review games here, but this will always be on my top 10 list. Specifically number 2 for 2020. We will see how it holds up in 2021.

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