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Owning your own Gallery is complicated work, but the pay off is great when you start attracting customers and special VIPs. The Gallerist is a worker placement at heart by Vital Lacerda, published by Eagle Griffin Games. There are 4 locations with two different actions each to choose from. You will be buying art, selling art, discovering the next breakout artist, promoting your artists, hiring extra workers and sending those workers abroad. Filling in your Gallery with up to 4 paintings is very rewarding (excluding the terrifying pink rabbit). When you discover an artist, they will commission a painting for you, making it very cheap. I usually pumped that artist full of Facebook likes (promotion) and sold their painting for a lot of money.

Ok…. But how’s solo handled?

The Gallerist features a very simple, but effective AI that moves around the board clockwise, being very predictable. This enables the bump action, but becomes a piece of the larger intricate puzzle. It will have you trying to time your actions, to be efficient based on where the AI is and where it is about to be. The bump action occurs when an opponent goes on the same location as you. When this happens, you are kicked out and return to your Gallery, but you also get to perform a bonus action. It’s a big part of the multiplayer game and is not lost solo. If you time everything right, you can perform A LOT of bonus actions and that feels very satisfying.

The solo game doesn’t feature an AI deck barely has any upkeep. It does feature a list of goals to rank yourself, on top of just a high score. Good timing is required for the Master Gallerist solo title. I focused on getting a lot of money my first game, which didn’t really even matter, because I didn’t do well in other aspects- I only received the first rank of apprentice. My second game I did much better overall, but my Gallery didn’t make as much money. I still haven’t reached that Master Gallerist solo title, I will soon *shakes fist.

You Should Look Into This Game if-

  • You enjoy worker placement and heavy games
  • You like low-upkeep AI without an AI deck.
  • You appreciate theme intricately interwoven into the mechanics of a game


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