First Impressions Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail – Diplomacy Overview

*No Spoilers! This is the first Diplomacy encounter from the stand alone tutorial chapter.

In Avalon you will not always be fighting hideous creatures touched by the Wyrndess.  Sometimes you will have to negotiate and be “diplomatic”. I used quotes, because part of my diplomatic tool box includes a “threatening voice” and “devious gaze.” I understand the format of IG does not work well with my swipe/explain.  I have updated my website to have a more user-friendly version of my overview as well.

Diplomacy encounter cards have a track on the far left side of the card (circled) you will have a diplomatic tug of war with whomever is on the card.  Your goal is to get the cube to the green area at the top of the track (seen circled on the left side of the encounter card.) Just like in my combat overview we will be matching symbols on cards to characteristics on your player board and receiving bonuses.

My starting hand of three cards. I like the text bonus on the top card “after one turn draw a card.”

I ended up playing that card for the plus one card bonus next turn (shown with a marker to keep track) I also made two matches.  The caution bonus (looks like a mouse) had a diplomacy icon on it,  so I referenced the encounter card.  It says that when I match that card,  I can move the tracker up one, closer to victory. The free space at the bottom is always a match,  but this card had no bonus in that area.

I had no more cards to play,  so then it was the oppositions turn.  On their turn, the encounter card shows they bring the cube down one, which I did.  Both items are circled.

My new card for the new round is Misdirection. Its free space has a symbol that tells you to move the tracker up  and two opportunities to play another card (yellow lighting bolt symbol).

I also received a bonus card from my time tracker.

I was able to connect a lightning bolt to have the opportunity to play another card.  I also was able to get a 2x up arrow match on my free space to move my tracker up two! I just need one more.

Swipe 8 I played Threatening Voice mainly because of the card text.  It says lose 1 rep,  If you have two courage (I do) move your tracker up 1.

Swipe 9 Victory! My tracker is at the top of the track.  How diplomatic of Beor.

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