First Impressions Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail – Combat Overview

There are no spoilers,  everything shown is from the very first guided combat encounter card from the tutorial with Beor’s starting cards. I will be explaining how combat works in Tainted Grail with this short overview.

In the above picture,  you will see Beor’s playerboard with various attributes (two points in aggression) You can also see his health is currently full at 9 points and he has no magic resources.  The enemy we are fighting is above his player board, a Mist-Shaped Vermin.  On this card we can see which bonuses we will get if we match up the circled icons on the right side of the card.  We would get a bonus if the card we play has a courage icon, because we have at least 1 courage. We need four damage to defeat this Vermin.

Above you can see the icons on the three cards in my opening hand.  You are able to play your first card for free, every card after that you need a yellow lighting symbol to continue placing cards.

You will see that I chose to play the Attack card.  I have two matching icons and I meet the attributes needed for each (1 combat) the bottom icon is always free, both are circled.  I dished out two damage,  shown circled on the left side of the Vermin card.

I decided to play Ignore Pain, because it had a match for that yellow lightning bolt symbol and I had the 1 needed point in courage circled.  I also receive one card because of the bottom free action on ignore pain.

The above picture shows that I received Powerful Blow as my extra card.  Shown circled is the card text that reads “When played lose 1 energy” and “Place a time tracker,  after one turn gain two damage cubes”  This means that if this card was the top card on my stack at the start of next round I would get two damage cubes.

I decided not to play another card and keep Ignore Pain as my top card, because when I am finished playing cards the enemy attacks.  The text of Ignore Pain reads “On enemy turn gain one damage cube for every point of damage received.”  This will be good to keep out because I am about to end my turn and be attacked.  On the bottom left of the enemy card you will see how they attack.  I had two damage cubes,  so he attacked for 1 damage.  I moved my health marker down as shown and I received one damage cube to put on the Vermin,  he is now at three.

The above picture shows me deciding between two cards.  At the start of every round you discard down to three cards and draw one.  I could play Powerful blow and get a total of three damage cubes for super overkill,  but the text says I would lose one energy when played.  I could also play Battle Cry to draw another card and hope for the best.

I chose to play Battle Cry and I drew Throw.  The bottom free space gives me the one cube I need.  I circled the bottom text,  because I like how thematic it is and it reminded me of Arkham Horror LCG.  You literally throw your weapon,  so you have to flip the card over,  but you get two extra damage cubes if needed.

The final picture shows me performing the Victory Check.  I have all four cubes, so I have defeated the Vermin and I receive my loot of one food,  which I circled on the enemy card, if you are looking for it.

I can’t wait to see what upgraded cards I can get with Maggot,  his starting deck is already very fun.  He receives a lot of magic and usually you can’t use the blue highlighted abilities in the center of the card unless you pay one magic.  I can pull off some really long combos with him because of that. 

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