First Impressions Outer Rim

First Impression – Outer Rim

With excitement levels declining from ending my family vacation at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, I was ecstatic to learn that Outer Rim created by Fantasy Flight Games was waiting for me as I returned home. This would be my first pick up and deliver game (yes, there are other ways to win.)

This was a game I pre ordered just because of the Star Wars IP, I had no idea how to play it after I punched out the components. Learning it took about one hour, not looking at the separate rules reference that comes standard in all Fantasy Flight Games. Solo has a pretty standard “automa” deck that has a lot of “if you can’t do this, do that” sections. This is my favorite type of solo AI, but I understand a lot of people like memorizing the Automa actions so they don’t have to keep referencing a card. It is worth noting that you can’t choose to go against certain characters, Boba Fett included. The AI doesn’t have any options to do bounties or combat to human players, just pick up and deliver.

You win by receiving 10 fame, you can receive fame may ways, not just pick up and deliver. You can acquire fame by delivering or killing bounties, completing jobs, delivering goods or winning combat against a patrol. Like most titles from FFG, Outer Rim has a skill check system. You roll two dice, if you don’t have the skill you are checking, you need to roll a crit. If you have 1 of the skills your are checking you can roll a crit or a hit. If you have two of the skills you are checking you can roll a crit, hit or focus to succeed. Main characters have 2-3 skills and hired crew can also have skills. I enjoy this system, but you can’t always tell which skill you will need to check before the test comes up, making it seem more random than other titles from FFG. For instance in Lord of the Rings Journeys, if you needed to move a boulder you would assume it would require strength.

Visiting the market is a treat. Every time you are on a planet you are allowed to cycle one deck and pick one card. Cards on the top of each deck are face up, so you can either plan a bounty or a delivery based on the planet you are on, pick up some gear for yourself or your ship, buy a ship or a luxury good. All of these items are amazing and fill you with that wonderful Star Wars nostalgia you know and love. I haven’t played this game enough (3 times) to see every card, but I think the wow factor would wear off once you see these cards 3 or 4 or 20 times. I guess this is where expansions come in.

Overall, I am very glad Outer Rim is in my collection. Maybe I enjoy it so much because it’s my first pick up and deliver game, or maybe its just the Star Wars IP. It has solid mechanics and it has the stanard FFG polish and great art.

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