First Impressions Lorenzo

Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Solo

Mid Game

I’m not one to print rules summaries, guides, or print n’ plays. Buying Lorenzo used, I discovered a solo variant printed out that I didn’t know existed.  I was skeptical at first because the Brass Birmingham unofficial solo variant still makes me grumpy.

I swore off user created solo variants until this one was staring at me in the face. The solo variant sets up just like you would a two player game, but you need 4 different colored dice for Lorenzo bot’s dashboard.  These dice tell you where to place Lorenzo Bot’s family members on the four towers to get the cards necessary to create your wonderful engines. For Lorenzo bot you don’t refer to the Black/Orange/White dice like you normally would would family member placement. Instead, you refer to the number on the die corresponding to the current round on Lorenzo’s dashboard.

On the 1st and 3rd rounds you also place the dice from those rounds from Lorenzo bot’s dashboard. These dice are placed on the worker placement spots to block yourself from going to those locations based on the number rolled. On the 2nd and 4th round you give Lorenzo bonuses based on the dice rolls. Because you basically can map out where Lorenzo bot is going to go for the entire round, it opens up a lot of take-that. I found myself having a lot of tough choices and deciding whether I want to block him, go to a space before he blocks me or get that card I really wanted. This dynamic creates even more meaningful decisions.

I have played against Lorenzo bot three times now and each time I found myself becoming more ruthless playing against him. Not scoring more points for myself, but denying him anything of value, making me the leader in the end. I typically don’t find myself enjoying these types of games against family or friends, but against Lorenzo bot I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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