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Review – Folded Space


Folded Space creates organizational solutions for board games with material similar to foam core. They offer budget friendly solutions for game component storage and attempt to make game set up more efficient wherever possible. Folded Space offers one of the lowest prices I have seen for products in their market. Folded Space just finished their third (and final?) Kickstarter and will now put new creations directly on their website for purchase.


Assembly was easy and straight forward. I have completed the inserts for Great Western Trail and Viticulture. Both fit all of the current expansions sleeved. There are instructions included with the material and available online. The only tools I used were some brushes and wood glue.


Before using folded space inserts I’ve only used premium wooden inserts. Folded Space does not have the nice touches and attention to detail that Daedalus may have, but they are 1/3 the price. All inserts are the same grey color, without fancy lettering or symbols to let you know where to put your components. This was overcome with muscle memory during my few attempts to put everything away with and without the instructions.


Folded Space inserts are great for their price point. Their inserts perform well as a budget option, it organizes your game pieces and manages chaos. However, I also have experience with the frills of premium products and will gladly pay more for a wooden insert instead.

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