I’m Mike, I live in Hawaii and I have played board games since 2005. I have been heavily invested in the hobby since 2016, this is when my collection started to get out of control. When I couldn’t meet with my gaming group as often as I would like, I began to dabble in solo gaming as a way to play games more often. In 2017 I started to choose solo gaming as a primary outlet for my gaming fix and I haven’t looked back.

I used to review games and I wasn’t happy with that process. Generally, there is always something for me to enjoy in every game. I like heavy Euros, light thematic games and everything between. I am a dad now and my time is limited. I appreciate short and concise overviews and opinions from those my tastes align with, I also need to know how it plays solo. These are things I look for in websites, therefore they are cornerstones here.

My Favorite games

  • Arkham Horror TCG
  • Kingdom Death Monster
  • Lisboa
  • Marvel Champions
  • Paladins of the West Kingdom
  • Too Many Bones